The ultimate feeling of luxury is being surrounded by a space that tells a story – a space with a sense of balance and a feeling of “I want to stay here forever.” Our concept at this year’s Decorex started out with wanting to give clients a true feeling of what a JDV Interior Designers’ space would feel like. The space had to fold and mold around them. It had to evoke a soft, subtle feeling. Luxury is often associated with rich colours. But we approached it differently for this display – we created a contrasting background by applying royal blue and adding a touch of textured wallpaper, also framing it like a picture, just to add the necessary accent element. This was followed by adding ivory with layers of texture on top of texture. Custom-designed ceramics were featured across the stand, suited to the look and feel of the space created. Matte porcelain with a mix of gloss and gold resulted in just the right amount of detail. We integrated technology in a precise way, showing off how it could be incorporated into one’s daily life, making the function of the space convenient, easy and inviting. Each and every corner was given a great amount of thought, and attention to detail was key here, exactly what JDV Interior Designers is famous for. Every detail was thought through in this custom-designed space. From the exterior to the interior this had to be a unique experience, giving you a glimpse into the versatility of design by JDV Interior Designers.


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